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RDA Update (Written and Practical Test Review)

RDA Update (Written/Law & Ethics and Pracitcal Test Review)


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Upcoming Dates:

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RDA Update (Written and Practical Test Review)

Rda review updates

An examination encompassing all duties assignable to RDA’s and the settings in which they may be performed.


* Review subject matter (lecture)

* Review questions

* Strategies on “Taking a Test”


RDA Practical Review 


Procedures performed on a full articulated maxillary and mandibular typodont secured with a bench clamp consisting of an anterior temporary crown, cementation of temporary crown and placement of a posterior temporary restoration.


Procedures consist of:


* # 19DO and #30MOD Temporary restorations; #8 Temporary crown and cementation

* Demonstrations

** Instructor

** Media videos

* Laboratory practices

* Mock exam

* Strategies on “Taking a Test”






Subject to Cancellation for low enrollment.