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Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety


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Radiation Safety

Student will demonstrate procedures for preparing patient for dental X‑rays, assembling XCP instruments/eezee grip holders, using traditional and digital equipment, perform radiographic surveys using both paralleling and bisecting techniques, processing, mounting and critiquing, while adhering to radiation safety precautions and infection control standards. This is a 4-day course and 4 patients will be required for the clinical examination. 

Note: This is a 4-day course and ALL participants will need 4 patients.

The first day of the course will consist of didactic (lecture) and a radiography final exam. The second day will consist of laboratory practices on radiology manikins (4 sets of x-rays, processing, critiquing and mounting). The third day will be in the setting of your own dental office. You will need 3 clinical patients. A full set of x-rays (FMX) must be taken on each patient-1 digital survey and 2 traditional surveys. If this is not possible, we can arrange for you to take x-rays at our facility. The fourth day of course is for your final clinical patient (you must provide patient-digital survey) and evaluations from previous clinical assignments. This must be performed at our facility.

All patients must meet acceptable criteria:

• 18 years of age

• Not pregnant

• Minimum of 20 teeth in dentition

This course must be completed with evidence submitted to the board before taking the RDA examination.



Each participant must possess a current CPR card and show proof as evidence on first day of class.

• Radiology requirement forms will be issued for each patient 

32 CEU’s provided after completion of course

All supplies are furnished for this course


Subject to Cancellation for low enrollment.