American Red Cross Lifeguarding

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This blended learning Lifeguarding certification comprises of an online learning portion which is followed by an indoor in-water skills session.

A Fun 2 day course!

Sessions are held at the indoor pool of the Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena.

Dates for the 2024 Summer Sessions:

  1. May 25th – 26th, 2024
  2. June 22nd – June 23rd, 2024
  3. June 29th – June 30th, 2024
  4. July 20th – July 21st, 2024
  5. July 27th – 28th, 2024

+ more dates to come!

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Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED 

(valid 2 years) 

Upon completion of the American Red Cross Lifeguarding course students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent, recognize and respond to aquatic emergencies in addition to providing professional-level care for breathing and cardiac emergencies, injuries and sudden illnesses until emergency medical services (EMS) personnel take over. 


  • Complete the online course
  • Must be at least 15 years of age on or before the last day of class
  • Swim 300 yards (12 laps) continuously using freestyle or breaststroke
  • Tread water for 2 minutes using only the legs. Head must remain above the water.
  • Complete the following event within 1 minute and 40 seconds: Swim 20 yards, retrieve a 10 pound weight from a depth of 7 feet, swim back 20 yards while holding the weight with both hands. Exit the water without using a ladder or steps. Goggles may not be used.

123 reviews for American Red Cross Lifeguarding

  1. Trinity Wilson (verified owner)

    This course was so much fun! I had s great time learning and feel confident in my skills moving forward.

  2. Sue (verified owner)

    So fun, indoor pool, cool people, saved lives

  3. Edmund Monsour (verified owner)

    Instructors were good and course made sense.

  4. Ethan

    Great course! The instructor was very nice

  5. Lily Bell

    It was awesome!! I had a great time! Cant wait to be a lifeguard

  6. Bella Milano (verified owner)

    Orchid and Isaac and the best lifeguard instructors! They make learning so enjoyable and have lots of energy. Would definitely recommend this class!

  7. Jaclyn Khitikian (verified owner)

    Orchid and Isaac were excellent instructors who broke down the material in an easy way to understand. They allowed students to practice and master the skill before testing. Great experience!

  8. Ryan Singhal (verified owner)

    Fantastic course, Issac and Orchid were great in teacher and making sure every participant knew what they were doing. Super happy I took it with these people

  9. Josh Tang (verified owner)

    It was a very comprehensive and enjoyable course

  10. Taylor Ault (verified owner)

    Had such a fun time getting life guard certified this weekend. The instructors made the class fun and gave me confidence!

  11. Ruby Vogel (verified owner)

    Super cool class, Isaac and Orchid are great!

  12. Ingrid Gruber (verified owner)


  13. Sofia Bruchey

    Orchid and Isaac are very nice people and are great at teaching this course. For sure recommend.

  14. madison robbins (verified owner)

    was amazing they truly made all teaching very clear and easy

  15. Sunday Labrucherie (verified owner)

    Great course, very speedy. I had a great time and feel ready to be a lifeguard!

  16. Sebastian Liong

    Very thorough and explains all the skills and situations.

  17. Sam Negev (verified owner)

    Excellent course!
    The instructors were clear and answered all questions very concisely.

  18. Remy

    Organized well and was super efficient. Would definitely recommend!

  19. Alexander Fuentes (verified owner)

    Great course! The instructors were very thorough and helpful in making sure we learned the skills! I am ready to lifeguard!

  20. William (verified owner)

    Really helps you understand the process of becoming a great lifeguard!

  21. Kenneth Ryu (verified owner)

    I had fun. Simple and straightforward. Issac and Orchid are great at teaching and covering all the topics necessary. Would highly recommend!!

  22. Alyssa Abulaf (verified owner)

    This course was an easy and fun way to get certified! Orchid and Isaac are super cool trainers. Highly recommend!!!

  23. Krithi de Souza (verified owner)

    Great course- didn’t take the whole time and very efficient! Super nice instructors- would recommend.

  24. Natalie (verified owner)

    Awesome class + super efficient/fast with great instructors!

  25. Jerald

    Instructors were very helpful and made it easy for swimmers learn and apply the different skills and techniques.

  26. Cameron Williams (verified owner)

    Had a great time Teachers were really laid back, learned a lot in just 2 days highly recommend to try.

  27. Emerson Hurd (verified owner)

    I learned so much through this course and would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to get lifeguard certified! Orchid and Isac are extremely knowledgeable and helped all of us understand the material so we felt very confident.

  28. Tessa Mavridis (verified owner)

    Loved Orchid and Issac! Thanks so much

  29. Nico Osegueda

    Great time with great teachers. Make the class very fun and very easy for a two day course!

  30. Riis

    I loved this course! The instructors were so nice and it was a very smooth and simple process to go through. Definitely recommend!

  31. Bella Bonaccorso (verified owner)

    very detailed explanation and demonstrations! the instructors were also super nice

  32. Veronica (verified owner)

    Loved Orchid and Isaac! They were very helpful and made the course so much fun 🙂

  33. Hudson Stone (verified owner)

    Compact and enjoyable class, great for anyone who needs a lifeguard certification. Isaac and Orchid are experienced and efficient instructors who taught us everything we needed in two days

  34. Hudson Stone (verified owner)

    Compact and fun class, Isaac and Orchid efficiently covered the materials and taught us what we needed to know for our certification. Recommended for anyone who needs to get their certification efficiently.

  35. Hudson Stone

    Efficient and enjoyable class, Isaac and Orchid are experienced and competent instructors. Recommend for everyone who needs a lifeguard certification.

  36. Jack Murphy (verified owner)

    Very nice instructors, clear with their instructions, nice facility and equipment. Made it a smooth certification process.

  37. Ben

    Instructors were professional, knowledgeable, and engaging. Facility was adequate for lessons. Would highly recommend the Pasadena course!

  38. Zach Stevens (verified owner)

    I quickly and completely learned everything about lifeguarding and first aid!

  39. Jasmine

    Very fun and extremely helpful! Great teachers

  40. Ella reitsma (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend taking this course at this location because the facility was clean, there was a heated, indoor pool, adequate amount of equipment for all attendees and the instructors were phenomenal. Orchid and Isaac really cared that everyone learn at their own pace and excel in the course. They were considerate of everyone’s time and created a safe learning environment for everyone. Together, they made the course fun and engaging. I wish there was an option for 6 stars because they deserve it. I feel prepared to be a lifeguard after this course.

  41. Sebastian Maccalla (verified owner)

    Amazing course! This was an amazing weekend certification class. Everything was explained amazingly and the instructors were super helpful in learning the skills and steps for everything. They were super open to you asking questions and making sure you understood what was going on. Highly Recommend! (:

  42. Phoenix afschar

    Was very fun and informative at the same time

  43. Gillian (verified owner)

    Super quick and easy. Orchid and Isaac did a great job explaining everything and made sure we got all the skills to pass the test.

  44. Ian Parris (verified owner)

    I had an amazing time! I learned so much about myself and how to save lives.

  45. Ben Graham

    Instructors were great and it was a great experience. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get lifeguard certified.

  46. Cristian Reza

    Great Service and learned all the materials needed. I feel really prepared for my job and had an amazing time.

  47. Gavin Franklin

    Great experience with teaching very in-depth. Great job explaining. Good job

  48. Frank Navarro (verified owner)

    Overall a great experience and great instructors! They go over everything! If you have any confusion on something they will work with you on the drill multiple times until you perfect it. I Recommend you taking this course.

  49. Samantha Icenogle

    Great in depth Training and Practice for real situations! Loved working with instructors Orchid and Issac!

  50. Bill (verified owner)

    Great course, orchid and isaac were very knowledgeable and very good teachers. They make sure everyone gets the skills down correctly but low pressure.

  51. lucy (verified owner)

    Orchid taught a really fun class! fast paced and enjoyable

  52. Kirsten Cruzado

    Orchid is such an amazing and fun teacher who cares about her students.

  53. Taylor

    Orchid was an amazing instructor! They make the course fun and educational. Highly recommend!

  54. Emily (verified owner)

    The course went by a lot faster than I expected. The course was challenging at times but a lot of fun. The instructors were great!

  55. Grace (verified owner)

    Very detailed. They want you to pass. Very helpful definitely suggest you take the course.

  56. Kiara Gero (verified owner)

    Super fun and informative!

  57. Brooklyn

    Amazing class. Learned a lot from Orchid and Issac. I feel very prepared to become a lifeguard.

  58. Ava Eazor (verified owner)

    I had lots of fun during this course!

  59. candice (verified owner)

    It was really fun. Great experience!!

  60. Robert

    Amazing Job Orchid and Isaac! Thank you!

  61. James “the life guard” Beckner (verified owner)


  62. Ethan Kang

    Class was super easy to follow, the instructors were friendly and encouraging (thanks Orchid and Isaac), and I feel like I learned a lot of useful things.

  63. Noah Janssens (verified owner)

    Good experience!

  64. Jack Yang (verified owner)

    Orchid and Isaac were great teachers! They explained everything and were very patient when teaching us.

  65. Evann eshel (verified owner)

    Instructors were awesome!! Super enthusiastic and easy to follow.

  66. Luna (verified owner)

    Great quality experience from Orchid and Issac! Thank you!!

  67. Evann eshel (verified owner)

    Instructors were awesome!!

  68. Annabella Paraschac

    This was a super fun course. It was challenging but the coaches were super supportive and kind! Highly recommend!

  69. Jeremy (verified owner)

    This course was very practical and i’ve come out feeling like i have the ability to act responsibly in an emergency situation. We practiced all the different rescue techniques multiple times and it was very thorough. The instructors were lovely as well.

  70. Gregg Neelin (verified owner)

    Great instructors, very helpful and friendly, and an excellent group of people to learn to lifeguard with.

  71. John

    The instructors are ve try kind and so helpful. They teach and explain everything very well.

  72. Connor Schlaak

    Great experience, kind and caring instructors who made sure that everyone was prepared to save lives.

  73. Coleman Morning (verified owner)

    It was a very informative and essential class for my future. I had a great time and the instructors were very nice and helpful. Only knock I have is that the class is really long.

  74. Evan (verified owner)

    Thorough and comprehensive and instructors that gave great advice

  75. Yolotzin Cervantes (verified owner)

    Amazing experience and instructors

  76. Cole Dusing (verified owner)

    I got certified! Isaac was awesome and so was Orchid!

  77. Jonathan Dennis (verified owner)

    Such an awesome course!
    Orchid and Isaac were amazing instructors and very knowledgeable about life guarding. Definitely a course I recommend

  78. Evan Smith (verified owner)

    Great instructor who gave great advice and ran a thorough and comprehensive class

  79. Kate Larrick (verified owner)

    Orchid and Isaac were great! They were patient and thorough and I am definitely prepared to work as a lifeguard.

  80. Delilah Dudas

    The instructors, Isaac and Orchid, were helpful in giving instructions and coaching us through the skills. I think the course is great to take if you are looking for jobs or if you just want to learn these important skills.

  81. Brianna

    Orchid and Isaac did a great job teaching me about how to save victims in the pool! I learned a lot!

  82. Sarah Rude

    Great course, very easy and fast, knowledgeable and fun instructors!!

  83. Carlos Garcia (verified owner)

    Amazing instructors both Issac and Orchid knew their stuff.

  84. Langston Hill

    Learned a lot about the key details for saving someone’s life under water.

  85. Katy Ruggiero (verified owner)

    Orchid and Isaac were wonderful instructors! Thank you guys SO much for a great class. I feel very prepared to save some lives. 🙂

  86. Martienne Sena (verified owner)

    The course was very fun but also gave very good insight on lifeguarding. I had a great experience and enjoyed the coaches instruction very much. So happy I took this course. Finally got my certification and very happy.

  87. Tenzin Pelletier (verified owner)

    Our instructors Issac and Orchid were so kind and informative! It was a great experience.

  88. Amber stepp (verified owner)

    Orchid and Issac AREEEE THE BESTT instructors! I learned so much and they kept class so fun and Informational as well as extremely patient! Couldn’t have gotten better teachers to learn from! Excited to GO SAVE SOME LIVES!

  89. Carissa

    Thank you so much, Orchid and Issac! I learned so much!

  90. Isabella Paraschac

    Orchid and Isaac were wonderful coaches and made the class fun and informative. Thank you so much!

  91. Galilea Huerta (verified owner)

    It was a nice experience

  92. Ethan Schammel (verified owner)

    Was very informative and well taught. Positive energy. Orchid and Isaac are the best instructors.

  93. Timothy Taratchila

    Great experience learning all the procedures. Very thorough and simple as well

  94. Dom Foschetti (verified owner)

    The instructors Isaac and Orchid made it alot of fun as well as them being patient mad it easy to learn from them

  95. Brandon (verified owner)

    Best place to learn to become a lifeguard the instructors are always willing to help you get better and are very friendly and helpful I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for somewhere to get certified

  96. Lauren Zavala

    Orchid and Isaac were super nice and very helpful, giving us tips and making everything easy to comprehend!

  97. Kate

    Orchid and Isaac were super great coaches, very informative and understanding of all different skill levels!

  98. Erin Ichimura

    I had a lot of fun and learned a lot! Orchid and Isaac were patient and encouraging.

  99. sarah arencibia

    Instructors orchid and isaac are amazing!!!!! loved they’re energy. i was super nervous but they made the whole experience really fun yet educational, also they were really skilled and knew their stuff. i would highly recommend.

  100. Hadyeh (verified owner)

    It was a great experience, Orchid and Isaac made it fun and a great learning experience. Highly recommend!

  101. Abby (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved the instructors they were so sweet and helpful!

  102. Marin Jeong

    Orchid and Issac were great coaches! I learned a lot from this course

  103. Mark (verified owner)

    Was excellent, best teachers. Made it fun and super easy!

  104. Stewart

    I was seriously nervous going into my certification class but not even an hour into the first session I felt I had truly found a passion for lifeguarding. The instructors Issac, Orchid and Ethan were more than helpful when I had questions and walking others and myself through effective CPR and rescue techniques. This class not only provided me with the skills and certification needed to pursue a lifeguarding job, but also proved to be fulfilling and really fun!


  105. Ashlyn

    The course was very fun, and learned a lot in just two days. Orchid and Isaac are great instructors. They both are very patient, helpful, and overall kind. It is an enjoyable course, definitely recommend for those who want to become lifeguards.

  106. Kathleen Cheng

    It was a really fun experience. Doing the rescue hands on was definitely a lot different from watching the videos Orchid and Isaac was awesome! They made everything so much more fun in my opinion! It seemed really intimidating at first but day 2 it felt like we were having fun and really just playing in the water.

  107. Mahlon Beadel

    I got certified in Pasadena with instructor Issac and instructor Ethan. They were the best instructors you could ever have. I recommend them out of everyone. GO TO PASADENA TO GET CERTIFIED!!!

  108. Madeline (verified owner)

    This was a great class! Isaac and Orchid are excellent instructors who made sure we understood the information and made the class enjoyable. A lot of us were nervous at the start, but by the end no one wanted to leave! This is a fantastic class to take if you want to get lifeguard certified!

  109. Ava (verified owner)

    Loved it Orchid is a great teacher!

  110. Annika Bentzen (verified owner)

    Orchid is the best instructor, she is so kind and wants you to succeed. Not easy but if you keep trying you will do great and pass!! 10/10!!

  111. Lannel Banda

    Orchid and this course made it so easy for me to learn and practice my lifeguard skills. I will definitely come back in to years to do it again!

  112. Tristan Friedman (verified owner)

    Loved the experience. The amount of hard work and dedication to the students is what allowed the students to go above and beyond. I would recommend this course to anyone.

  113. Caitlin Mathers (verified owner)

    Amazing experience. Orchid was a great instructor and was very helpful throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!

  114. Joseph (verified owner)

    Great teacher great facility overall great course

  115. Emily (verified owner)

    Great teacher and had fun meeting new people. Definitely gets you prepared and makes you work for the certification.

  116. Julia Peet (verified owner)

    So much fun! Feel super confident for this summer. Learned a lot and instructor gave grace when learning new things.

  117. Jonah S (verified owner)

    Orchid was super easygoing and helpful, and I felt very confident in my lifeguarding abilities by the end of the course.

  118. Isana Ryan (verified owner)

    Amazing experience! Orchid was a great, attentive, and fun instructor. The people were amazing and I got to use all the skills I learned in the course.

  119. Liv Latham (verified owner)

    So fun! Great instructor and an easy to follow course.

  120. Carlos

    Great, quick and efficient course!! Very useful and instructor was very helpful.

  121. Melanie Mestre (verified owner)

    The instructor established a great environment to learn and be comfortable in the water. I enjoyed how the instructor made sure all participants were consistent with the skills.

  122. Graham slater (verified owner)

    good course very easy to get the cert because it was well taught

  123. Cooper Cradduck

    I really liked Orchid teaching us the steps slow and steady and believing in us all the way. This was overall an amazing experience, and I could not have asked for a better instructor. Please, if you’re wanting to lifeguard, do this program because it is amazing.

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