American Red Cross Lifeguarding Recertification

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A Fun 1 day course!

Sessions are held at the indoor pool of the Boys and Girls Club of Pasadena.

Dates for the 2024 Summer Sessions:

  1. May 25th, 2024
  2. June 22nd, 2024
  3. June 29th, 2024
  4. July 20th, 2024
  5. July 27th, 2024

+ more dates to come!

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Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED Recertification

An abbreviated Lifeguarding course that briefly reviews course information and allows practice of skills and knowledge before testing.

Current certification in Red Cross Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED is required to participate in this review course. An expired certificate will be deemed acceptable if it has not expired for more than 30 days.

Students who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate for Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED which is valid for 2 years.

48 reviews for American Red Cross Lifeguarding Recertification

  1. tamar (verified owner)

    was so much fun and learned a lot. instructors where very understanding and helped you figure out the correct steps

  2. Gavin

    It was fun

  3. Megan

    A very fun and welcoming environment for a refresher and recertification for LifeGuarding. The staff is super friendly and nice 👍 😊

  4. Chazz smith (verified owner)

    Very professional and kind people. I recommend this place to anyone who’s trying to get their lifeguarding certificate .

  5. Liv (verified owner)

    Super fast and fun way to get your recert done!

  6. Asha

    A lot of fun! Quick course for lifeguards looking to get recertified 🙂

  7. Michelle (verified owner)

    Orchid and Isaac were patient and supportive throughout the recertification course. Highly recommend!

  8. Delaney Chrysle (verified owner)

    Super nice and professional. I definitely recommend coming here for both recertification and certification.

  9. Yasmine A. (verified owner)

    Getting my lifeguard recertification here was so easy and super helpful! Orchid and Issac are super approachable instructors and are very knowledgeable about the material! They always made sure we knew how to perform all the techniques and aided us when we needed help! 100% would recommend!

  10. Waverly Lerner (verified owner)

    Orchid and Isaac were a awesome instructors! They were very kind and kept everyone on track. The course was concise and well structured. I wish we had shared pronouns at the beginning to make the space safer for trans and gender expansive folks. Other than that, great class.

  11. Jen (verified owner)

    LG Review course conducted by friendly and knowledgeable instructors (Orchid and Isaac). Provided a great environment for learning and practicing skills.

  12. Ariel Mauvais (verified owner)

    Very thorough testing! I enjoyed working with the staff who were friendly and knowledgeable.

  13. J Smith

    Good review and instruction

  14. Charmaine Ea (verified owner)

    The learning environment was very fun and supportive. I passed the lifeguard exam with flying colors!

  15. Jack Clark (verified owner)

    An amazing class that prepared me well for lifeguarding.

  16. Jonathan Fink (verified owner)

    Very thorough and not dragged out.

  17. Tommy Leibow (verified owner)

    Was amazing, orchid and isaac were super nice.

  18. Matias Olavarria (verified owner)

    This experience was really great. The instructors were very helpful.

  19. na (verified owner)

    or killed it i the pool and on land

  20. conor (verified owner)

    Great job by orchid!

  21. Holland

    Super friendly and patient instructors

  22. Takeru Saito (verified owner)

    The staff who ran the certification class were clear, concise, and very helpful all the way through. I recommend this company if you are looking for an amazing lifeguard certification course.

  23. Stephanie Durra (verified owner)

    Issac and Orchid were awesome. Thank you!

  24. Brooke

    It was awesome! The teachers were great at helping one-on-one and were super patient.

  25. Brooke

    So fun! The teachers were great at helping one-on-one and were super patient! 10/10 would recommend!

  26. katie (verified owner)

    Really efficient and the instructors are great!

  27. Derek (verified owner)

    Great course that really helped refresh my skills

  28. Nic

    Fast and instructors are very helpful

  29. Benen Powers (verified owner)

    Amazing Service! Super fun, fast, easy, and educational! Loved getting certified with them.

  30. Sofie Szigeti

    Great course! Fun, engaging, and educational!

  31. Benen Powers (verified owner)

    Great training! Lots of fun and super fast!

  32. Sara Zacky (verified owner)

    Great course! I learned a lot and had a great instructor!

  33. Mirielle Lira

    Instructors were great! They all went into great detail and everything was very organized.

  34. William Torrico (verified owner)

    Class was great! Felt like I went by so fast.

  35. Madison Freeman (verified owner)

    Wonderfully run and very efficient program. Learned tons and improved my skills.

  36. Edie (verified owner)

    Extremely streamlined experience. Much recommended!

  37. Tiffany Kennedy (verified owner)

    I’m not a fan of combining a recertification course with a first time class. However, the instructors were very knowledgeable and structured the class well in order to get everything done.

  38. Zach Graham (verified owner)

    Today went great! Orchid and Isaac were very accommodating, knowledgeable and professional.

  39. Katelynn Macias

    This was a very well-structured course, enabling all participants to be practicing and testing simultaneously despite the large number of people. It was very informative and easy to understand. The course was a bit slow to start, which ate into review time, but that is a minor issue. I would recertify here again.

  40. Bethany

    Orchid was so knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Being trained by her made me feel confident that I could adequately perform as a lifeguard and in emergency situations. 10/10 recommend!

  41. Tamika (verified owner)

    Super Helpful Class! So fun! Orchid is such a good thorough instructor and really cares! I’d take the class again in the future!

  42. Amanda Reyes

    Enjoyed the course. The trainer is very patient and helps you grasp the information. I highly recommend to take the course and if you have questions. The instructor will walk you through it.

  43. Nicolas (verified owner)

    Quick and effective! Very good for recertification.

  44. Amanda Reyes (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the course. The trainer is very patient and helps you grasp the information. I highly recommend to take the course and if you have questions. The instructor will walk you through.

  45. Adrian Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this course. It was a convenient way to get my Lifeguard certification renewed. It was helpful in getting me up to date with the new changes.

  46. Maleah Bell

    Loved this class, Orchid is an amazing teacher!

  47. emily baker (verified owner)

    Such a great course. Instructor is kind, dedicated, and very helpful. Totally recommend to other interested people.

  48. Alina Saenz

    Orchid is quite literally the best person to get certified with!

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