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RDA Courses

We offer the following courses approved by the Dental Board of California:


  • California Practice Act
  • Coronal Polishing
  • Pit and Fissure Sealants
  • Radiation Safety
  • 8hr & 2hr Infection Control
  • RDA Update


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CEUs & Forensic Dentistry

The ADM Institute provides expert confidential Dental case review, and forensic services to Doctors, Lawyers, and Insurance Companies.


Our Continuing Education Units are Board approved for all Dental professionals to meet their license renewal requirements.


Welcome to American Dental and Medical Institute

Welcome to the American Dental and Medical Institute, the ideal place for dental professionals to find the courses and continuing education essential to keep their practices up to date and cutting edge for patients. We offer a diverse selection of courses on the topics every dental practitioner needs, from RDA courses, to American Red Cross courses, to forensic dentistry. Each and every learning opportunity is designed with the intent to promote our mission statement:

Our mission is to create smiles by providing quality dental care, education, honest opinion, and certification.

Our vision is to learn and implement modern technology to serve and support our patients and students.

Dentistry is an exciting and constantly changing field and practice. At the American Dental and Medical Institute, it is our goal to provide caring, qualified professionals with the tools necessary to take their practice to the next level. Within our offered coursework, there are opportunities to learn the latest methods and technology for improved patient care, ways to increase safety for staff and patients in the office, and how to manage risks for dentists.

In addition to providing high quality dental related continuing education courses, we also offer convenient, easy course browsing, purchase, and registration. Explore the available options and feel free to contact us with any further questions. The American Dental and Medical Institute looks forward to helping you reach your dental and professional goals.