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Coronal Polishing

Coronal Polishing


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Sat, Aug 17th, 9-5pm & Sun, Aug 18th, 9-2pm

Sat, Sept 21st, 9-5pm & Sun, Sept 22nd, 9-2pm

Sat, Nov 2nd, 9-5pm & Sun, Nov 3rd, 9-2pm

Sat, Jan 4, 2020, 9-5pm & Sun, Jan 5th, 9-2pm

Sat, Feb 29th, 9-5pm & Sun, Mar 1st, 9-2pm


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American Dental and Medical Institute

988 E. Washington Blvd.

Pasadena, CA 91104


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Coronal Polishing

Note:  This is a 2-day course and all participants will need 3 patients.

All patients must meet acceptable criteria:

• Must be calculus free

• Must be 18 years of age or a parent /guardian permission letter and signature

• Health History

This course demonstrates the removal of plaque and stains from the clinical crowns of teeth by using disclosing solution/tablet, rubber cups, bristle brushes, dental tape, floss and other adjunct aids while using the appropriate fulcrum and adhering to infection control standards. The first day of the course will consist of didactic (lecture), coronal polish written exam and laboratory practices (on manikins). The second day of the course, you will need to bring your 3 patients. Each patient will be scheduled every 45 minutes to ensure proficiency.

This course must be completed with evidence submitted to the board before taking the RDA examination



Each student must possess the necessary requirements for application for RDA licensure (CPR, DPA, 8-hr IC) or currently possess an RDA license. Each student must satisfactorily demonstrate to the instructor clinical competency in infection control requirements prior to clinical instruction in coronal polishing.

• Coronal Polish requirement forms will be issued for each patient

12 CEU’s provided after completion of course

All supplies are furnished for this course


Subject to Cancellation for low enrollment.